Software Testing
Life Cycle

Quality Assurance Testing has always been a prime task to be conducted in the development phase of the software development life cycle. Much importance give to testing as few obvious glitches can affect the brand image of a company and the salability of its products. In spite of this fact, there are still many companies that view quality assurance and testing as an afterthought.


This is somewhat shortsighted and may lay the groundwork for large problems in the future. At VARITAS, we offer our clients professional quality assurance and testing in a cost effective manner. We use the most sophisticated testing tools to carry out the software QA testing process. We customize software test processes in accordance to the specific client needs and available budget. We always make it a point to adhere to the toughest deadlines so that the product can be ready to face the market in the least possible time. Our skilled team of quality assurance professionals ensure the delivery of high quality performance for your software products.


Manual Testing

Manual software testing is the safest of all methods. Automated tests may not uncover a slight error in a file nor can it comb through multiple files in detail.

We, at VARITAS are here to check the quality of the software in its entirety including the conditions and features of the software manually. The Manual Software Testing process provides a complete with 100% surety you have the best-tested software that can be produced.


Performance Testing

Much emphasis is now given by all software companies to undergo Performance Testing before launching products into the market for the end users. Application performance testing is done mainly for the purpose of evaluating the software so that any performance errors can be identified and avoided at an early stage. This not only saves cost but also assure the success of the software application in the market. In an age of e-commerce, when most of the business is done online, there is also an increased need of Website Performance Testing so that any future problems can be averted. Most of the times, load and performance testing are done simultaneously to detect problems


Load Testing

Load testing is an important aspect of software testing and cannot be ignored. The basic motive to do a load test is to check how well a software application works when subjected to a certain work level near its specification limits.

We, at VARITAS conduct Load Test for Web, Mobile and Desktop Applications under specific conditions so that there can be no room for ambiguities in the Load Test results.


Security Testing

Security testing ensures that your software's in-built components are safe from external threats and particularly from the hands of hackers, who might attempt to access the information stored in your software by any means necessary.

At VARITAS, software security testing is performed with great amount of scrutiny and care. We follow a set of instructions and algorithms that allow us to analyze the software systematically.


Compatibility Testing

During software compatibility testing, our focus remains on evaluating the compatibility aspect of your software in respect to different browsers, devices, operating systems, etc. It is surprising that even in an era of technological advancement; there are many users who use non-standard browsers. Your website must run perfectly on these browsers.


Mobile Testing

At VARITAS we understand the significance of mobile application testing, as we are well aware of the fact that today's mobile applications have become a part of day to day life for many individuals, companies, organizations. For many years VARITAS has been thriving when it comes to deliver Mobile application testing solutions.

VARITAS follows tested and proven methodologies to deliver our clients quality work without any compromises. We use interactive frameworks such as operating systems & internal hardware so that the user gets receives an exceptional experience on their mobile games and mobile application.

VARITAS employs the leading testing tools and the best practices to automate your functional, regression and performance testing processes.